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Monthly Archives: January 2009
Robert Joustra  |  January 24, 2009  |  Education, Justice, Markets

It seems a crescendo of bad faith negotiations at York University has finally been reached. The government of Ontario is being forced to step into a dispute which has been marked by a public rhetoric of dispute so disturbing I cannot fathom how students could still want to voluntarily subject themselves to what is surely becoming one of the most broken institutional examples of administration/faculty … MORE »

Robert Joustra  |  January 16, 2009  |  Markets

David Brooks writes a usual thought provoking piece today in the New York Times about how economic recession has triggered a collapse of classical economic theory, particularly its increasingly badgered anthropology. In classical economics human beings may be a mixture of passions and desires, but ultimately they are governed by reason. Thus the market can be predicted, and supply and demand constellate a relatively stable … MORE »

Robert Joustra  |  January 2, 2009  |  Death, Philosophy

With the passing of the old year, generational change has been on my mind. I was discussing with a friend before the holiday that each generation has its own questions; or—to be more precise—its own way of asking timeless questions. Thus this or that way of forming the question may come and go in fashion, but the core of what we are looking for, the … MORE »