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Snackitecture (Chips make good buildings)

Milton Friesen  |  January 8, 2010  |  Cities
Derelict van

Apparently, high-calorie nibblies inspire architects. This seemingly tongue-in-cheek article showed up in Fast Company and as we already have ‘communitecture’ and ‘locativism’ and other word mashups going, I couldn’t resist. The munchie food you and I so love might just be inspiring architect Zaha Hadid’s latest project.

Granted, the ripple chip has some sound engineering in it—curved overall with a corrugated surface making it very strong for its weight and perfect for dipping. The dish-style nacho chips of various brands are designed to increase our ability to scoop up the flaming hot salsa we all love—thus turning the chip into a kind of edible spoon. Though unconfirmed, there are rumours of popcorn houses, pretzel high-rises, Twizzler libraries, and popcorn twist school buildings.

Snackitecture is bringing together two formerly estranged queen disciplines of human questing—architecture and snacks. Where could this lead our civilization? Edible buildings? Nachos that look like the Empire State Building? How will this impact our urban planning?

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