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On Jubilee

Alissa Wilkinson  |  March 1, 2010  |  Vocation

Last week at this time, quite a number of us were making the tough transition from Jubilee, where we’d spent the weekend, back to reality. I’m not sure what my friends to the north were doing, but I was dragging myself out of bed and to the Empire State Building to lecture on evaluating sources for research papers. I told my students that I spent the weekend remembering what it was like to function on very little sleep. They were appreciative.

I’m curious to see what other Cardus staffers took away from our experience—besides our many shared conversations late at night. As I mention at the Jubilee blog today, the image of John Perkins preaching from the very edge of the stage, beckoning to us as students, will sit with me for a long time.

We were privileged to meet with a number of people while we were there, including a late-night talk with Mike Hickerson of InterVarsity’s Emerging Scholars Network and breakfast with a couple of our favorite Comment authors, David Greusel and David Naugle. We strategized and planned for the future. I personally was privileged (or something) to learn a lot of new information about the Canadian political system and curling.

Most of all, though, I came away from Jubilee knowing that something great is afoot, that God is doing some awesome things and I’m grateful to just be extended the grace to be a part of it with such enjoyable co-laborers.

And I also left grateful, as I often do after these sorts of gatherings, that we live in the age of social media, when it’s easy to continue the conversation after the lights go down.

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