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Monthly Archives: May 2010
Alissa Wilkinson  |  May 31, 2010  |  Cities

Permit me to be a New Yorker for a moment, here. The New York Times reports that the MTA is releasing a new subway map—the first in a decade: Manhattan will become taller, bulkier and 30 percent wider, to better display its spaghetti of subway lines. Staten Island, meanwhile, will shrink by half. The spreadsheetlike “service guide,” along the map’s bottom border, will be eliminated, … MORE »

Milton Friesen  |  May 21, 2010  |  Arts, Fashion

  Today, I finally did it. I rode my bike to work. A couple of weeks ago Michelle bought me a bike for my birthday and a long-held plan to actually bike to work became a reality. It was fantastic. I live along a very fine arterial bike path that passes within sight of my office window and it really is somewhat shameful that it … MORE »

Christina Crook  |  May 20, 2010  |  Arts

  Do one thing every day that scares you.—Eleanor Roosevelt It’s a challenge I’ve been quick to quote but slow to practice. Except for last night when I stepped up to the microphone for the very first time and read some of my poetry aloud to a room of perfect strangers. Some of them fairly famous strangers. I was sure I read too fast. I … MORE »

Robert Joustra  |  May 18, 2010  |  Politics

Rebecca Goldstein wastes no time berating the discipline of English for its latest wanderings into theory. In a sarcastic if wordy rebuttal of cultural studies fandom, Goldstein lays it down to her English department colleagues: we [in philosophy] look to these colleagues to explain a poem to us, not tell us our epistemology. It’s true, of course, that Theory has become an almost universal pursuit … MORE »

Alissa Wilkinson  |  May 17, 2010  |  Tech

I’ve been thinking about Facebook lately. A brief history: my alma mater, not exactly a campus of Luddites, “got Facebook” in the fall of 2004, back when it was rolled out campus by campus. You couldn’t join unless you had an email address for a participating campus. That was nifty, because it meant the only people who saw your profile were your fellow students and … MORE »

Milton Friesen  |  May 14, 2010  |  Arts

  Today I’m going with an ink on paper drawing I made. … MORE »

Christina Crook  |  May 13, 2010  |  Discipline, Literature

  Success. The pursuit and desire of it has so permeated our culture, it’s difficult to imagine a time without self-help titles and multi-level marketing. Most of the time it runs amuck, unchallenged. But there was a time, not so long ago, that a British columnist named Gilbert Keith Chesterton questioned the new success ‘literature’ of the day: “On every bookshelf, in every magazine, you … MORE »

Alissa Wilkinson  |  May 10, 2010  |  Arts

This was a poster from the TV show, which the TAL team decided to discontinue after two seasons and a couple Emmys. But you get the idea. (Image by lantzilla via Flickr) I know not everyone is as nutty about This American Life as I. My friends suffer through many conversations that begin, “That’s just like the This American Life episode where . . . … MORE »

Milton Friesen  |  May 7, 2010  |  Civic Core, Complexity

  This past weekend I had the privilege of attending and presenting at the Adelphi University School of Business conference on Social Entrepreneurship, Systems Thinking and Complexity. It was a participative gathering of social innovation/complexity keeners from as far away as Romania, New Zealand, Mexico and Colombia (Canada as well). The image above represents the mathematical side of the conversation but we ranged far into … MORE »

Christina Crook  |  May 6, 2010  |  Arts

  Make It Productions has stepped up the craft fair circuit. They’re not alone. The handmade revolution has taken North America by storm in the past five years. They DIYers even wrote a book about it. I grew up within the walls of a fully operational art gallery. I shared my bathroom with clients perusing oil canvases and iron toilet paper holders. Family trips were … MORE »