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A Most Unpleasant Commute

Milton Friesen  |  August 30, 2010  |  Death
Traffic jam

I just read this in The Economist and felt somehow the misery of Chinese drivers. Apparently, there was one traffic jam this summer on a road to Beijing that was 100km long and lasted nine days—D-A-Y-S. Not hours. Days. 24 hours x 9 = AAAAHHHHH!!!!! How can you endure that?

It would be horrid to have to live with vacation-length grid lock. Do you camp out? Start eating the chickens you’re hauling? Grab a few tents from the Canadian/Chinese Tire dry-van you’re pulling and make the best of it? It’s hard to consider all the human necessities that would be part of that calculus of suffering. Perhaps people are more prepared than we would be.

The book version would be worth reading—Nine Day Commute: Life Along China’s Longest Temporary Parking Lot. The agony would be having to live through it first.

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