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Monthly Archives: December 2010
Stacey Scott  |  December 31, 2010  |  Cultural Renewal, Vocation

I recently learned that there are four simple steps to change the world: 1. Notice what you care about 2. Get started 3. Learn as you go along 4. Stay together In November I joined some 460 people on the University of Calgary campus along with Peter Senge and Margaret Wheatley for a two-day conference called “Leading the Way: Building a Sustainable Future.” The four … MORE »

Milton Friesen  |  December 24, 2010  |  Economy, Innovation, Institutions

Reposted from the Cardus After Hours blog (RIP).   Yesterday The Guardian published a brief article that highlights the importance of the third sector (the social economy), identifies the challenges that arise from defining the third sector, and suggests some possible ways forward. Cox contemplates whether the variation and blurring may, in fact, be a great strength: And that’s the point: there isn’t a difference. … MORE »

Milton Friesen  |  December 17, 2010  |  Civic Core, Institutions

Reposted from the Cardus After Hours blog (RIP).   Given that it is Christmas, I was watching It’s a Wonderful Life and the social enterprise element really struck me. On the one hand you have George Bailey, who, through various circumstances, has to give up aspirations of university to run a building and loan company. The company makes it possible for people to own their … MORE »

Milton Friesen  |  December 3, 2010  |  Complexity, Networking

Reposted from the Cardus After Hours blog (RIP).   Stanford University has conducted a fascinating data visualization project called Mapping the Republic of Letters. It looks at key historic intellectuals and the networks they maintained via letter writing long, long before digital communication was possible. This is an intriguing application of computer-based data mapping for social science and humanities work. For example, despite a presumed … MORE »