What's next: April/May issue of Convivium
March 25, 2014
by Julia Nethersole
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Volume 2, No. 13

April 2014

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Comment Magazine - Volume 2, No. 13


Publisher's Letter

By Peter Stockland

Beauty and the Priest

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On the Table

By Travis D. Smith

Travis D. Smith discovers April is the surest month for taxes and tarts


Small Talk

By Raymond J. de Souza

Our editor-in-chief ponders Justin Bieber’s detrimental instrumentals

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The Conversation

By Margaret Somerville

Social conservationist Margaret Somerville considers the distance from Canada to Australia and the earth to the stars


Enchantment and God's Green World

By Doug Sikkema

Doug Sikkema sees Eliot and Milton in the spaces of urban parks and the conviviality of community gardens


Courage, Clarity and Charity

By Timothy Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York finds the soul, mind and heart of Christ’s Church in the lives of Pope Francis and his predecessors


Quebec's Rigidly Religious Secular Charter

By Jason Zuidema and Harold Ristau

The infamous attempt to legislate so-called neutrality is really a religious initiative wrapped in an obscuring veil, argue Jason Zuidema and Harold Ristau


The Flesh of Suffering

By Tim McCauley

From the heart of Christ’s suffering in us comes the grace that releases our fears, Father Tim McCauley finds


Time for Francis to Bind the Church's Wounds

By Nuala Kenny

Pope Francis has turned heads with his fresh approach to the papacy. Now it’s time he turned his mind to the structures that fed clerical sex abuse, says Sister Nuala Kenny


The Lines of the Times

By Ross Douthat

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat marks the boundaries of a faith that engages the world without sinking into softness or isolation


Sea to Sea

By Raymond J. de Souza

Father Raymond J. de Souza on the voices of mercy and prophecy in the papacies of Saint John XXXII and Saint John Paul II

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