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October 2011

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Publisher's Letter

By Peter Stockland

Since sharing daily lives is the essence of the word "convivium," we warmly invite you to join us at the Convivium table, where the nourishment will be neither middling nor medium but large and open and contained in the message itself.

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Small Talk

By Raymond J. de Souza

An eclectic and ecumenical roundup of incidents, events and oddities that catch our editor's eye.

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The Conversation

By Michael Van Pelt

On the cusp of launching a new publication to further the organization's mission of renewing Canada's social architecture, Cardus President Michael Van Pelt sat down with Convivium to explain the objectives for this venture and its overall purpose in the Canadian public policy sphere.


Good News in the Newsroom

By Charles Lewis

"Deciding to become a religion reporter at a newspaper is not unlike walking into a biker bar on a drunken Saturday night wearing a white linen suit and spats. This form of dress is not an act of wilful aggression, but it does have a way pf upsetting the balance of things. Some in the bar might laugh, some might get angry and others still might become aggressive."


Three Anniversaries and a New Beginning

By Terrence Prendergast

This year—2011—I celebrated 50 years as a member of the Society of Jesus. I also celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Jesuits' arrival in Canada; the Anglosphere celebrated the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible; and English-speaking Catholics will mark a significant milestone in the life of the Church.


The God Squad has a Left Wing, Too

By Bill Blaikie

"I hope those of us on the religious left might be forgiven if we look back somewhat nostalgically on a time when genuine controversy could erupt over an ecclesiastical declaration, especially a statement such as the CCCB's proclamation that the needs of the poor have priority over the wants of the rich."


The Torment of China's Religious Believers

By Jan Harvey and David Kilgour

Freedom of belief is essential to any open society. It is difficult for anyone who has not lived under a totalitarian regime of one stripe or another to understand the ways of the Party-state in China, especially on the matter of religion. The world's attention is drawn to the tribulations of believers in the world's most populous nation by recent headlines such as, "Dalai Lama calls Chinese insistence on picking his religious successor 'a disgrace'," "China calls Vatican 'unreasonable' in bishop spat," and "Leading pastor in China's underground Protestant c hurch sentenced to two years in labor camp." And since 1999, shocking photos have emerged of Christians being beaten and dragged, weeping as their house-churches were bulldozed.


Common Life

By Peter Menzies

Eyes light up in a place of serious darkness.

"Common Life" features Canadian voices articulating perspectives on those things that connect us.


From Sea to Sea

By Raymond J. de Souza

McLuhan's incarnate message, the politics of Jack Layton's death, and why Canada needs Winnipeg's new Jets.

A continuing survey of religion, culture and public life.

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In the Current Issue

"The truth of the Gospel is not something to be consumed or used superficially; rather it is a gift that calls for a free response. Even when it is proclaimed in the virtual space of the Web, the Gospel demands to be incarnated in the real world and linked to the real faces of our brothers and sisters, those with whom we share our daily lives!"

Those sentences are marching orders for the Cardus Convivium Project, one part of which you hold in the form of Convivium magazine. Those involved with the project, which will unfold in various ways over the coming months and years, consider it our attempt to provide a measure of that "daily nourishment" in ways we believe have been lacking in Canada for a long time.

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What's a Convivium?

Great question. Convivium means living together. This project brings together citizens of differing convictions and religious confessions to contend for the role of faith in our common life.

Convivium is published by Cardus, a registered Canadian charity. Our project exists to serve our common good, starting with articulating and protecting a place for faithful citizens.

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