Volume 1, No. 2

May 2012

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Comment Magazine - Volume 1, No. 2


Publisher's Letter: Statist Schoolmarms

By Peter Stockland

The families at the centre of the Loyola case are determined to fight as far as they can to protect their Charter freedoms and ensure their kids are not victimized by State-imposed secularism masquerading as comparative religion.

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Small Talk

By Raymond J. de Souza

Father Raymond J. de Souza's take on a whipper-snapper actress and the wonder of Mark Wahlberg's faith.

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The Conversation: Why Coren is Right

By Michael Coren

Michael Coren's high-powered media career includes writing best-sellers and fighting for Christianity.


The Soul of a City

By Peter Menzies

Calgary city hall re-opens its downtown plan to accommodate people of faith. Peter Menzies reports.


First Things was just the latest thing

By Randy Boyagoda

Randy Boyagoda on how Father Richard John Neuhaus moved the world with magazines.


Liberality, Littles Caesars, & Value Statement 12

By Travis D. Smith

Travis D. Smith advises conservatives to limit Machiavellian liberality by growing in generosity.


The Resurrection of William Kurelek

By John D. O'Brien

John D. O'Brien explains renewed interest in the tormented Prairie artist's painting, life and faith.


Whose Children Are They, Anyway?

By Kevin Boonstra

Constitutional lawyer Kevin L. Boonstra analyzes a recent Supreme Court decision on parental rights. What he finds make him very nervous.


Family Sovereignty in Education

By Clement Ng

Forget Big Brother. Hello Big Mother. Education bureaucrats usurping parental power in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta alarm Clement Ng.


Praying for One's Life

By Diane Weber Bederman

Diane Weber Bederman discovers God's power to soothe the troubled mind.


150 Years of Faith

By Ray Pennings

When Canadians celebrate the country's 150th birthday, Ray Pennings asks, whom will we thank?


The Joy in Little Stitches

By Justina McCaffrey

Celebrated Canadian fashion designer Justina McCaffrey unveils the mystical love in bridal gowns.


From Sea to Sea

By Raymond J. de Souza

Our editor-in-chief takes Convivium's message on the road, and wonders why we still cheer the Charter.

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In the Current Issue

"Raymond, if you want to advance an idea, write a book," Father Richard John Neuhaus told me one December evening. "But if you want to change a culture, you need a magazine. Because magazines are literally periodical, they create an ongoing community—readers, writers, editors, benefactors. And only communities can change cultures."

Father Neuhaus knew that to change a culture, you need to propose another culture, and cultures are not singular ideas but the shared life of a community of persons. It has always been thus. In ancient times, it was not only the truth of the Gospel that attracted but the witness of the early Christian communities. In our time, the means of modern communications allow us to create communities across distance through shared ideas, engaged arguments and, as Father Neuhaus taught us better than most, convivial good cheer.

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Great question. Convivium means living together. This project brings together citizens of differing convictions and religious confessions to contend for the role of faith in our common life.

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