Volume 1, No. 4

September 2012

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Comment Magazine - Volume 1, No. 4


Publisher's Letter: A Blooming Danger

By Peter Stockland

Killing education with Ontario's Bill 13.

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On the Table: Saskatoon's Big Box Cathedral

By Alan Hustak

Saskatchewan native Alan Hustak goes home and finds that the new cathedral in Saskatoon leaves him wondering if he's wandered into a strip mall by mistake. The building committee assures him he has not.


Small Talk

By Raymond J. de Souza

Our editor-in-chief examines deep-fried lunch, Olympic Original Sin, Nanny State wake-ups, and toys that teach boys.

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The Conversation: Private Education, Public Interest

By Ray Pennings

Cardus director of research Ray Pennings discusses a new study of private education and the public interest.


Teach Your Children Well

By John Zucchi

It is not enough to teach our children about faith, says John Zucchi. We need to teach them to search for meaning in every action.

The Death of Religious Life in Canada

By Jason Zuidema

What will bring new life to religious communities in Canada? What "deaths" must happen, Jason Zuidema ask, for that new life to arise?

Re-Opening The Closing of the American Mind

By Andrew Fuyarchuk

On its silver anniversary, Andrew Fuyarchuk ponders new thinking about Allan Bloom's book.

Reason for Faith

By Richard Bastien

Faith and reason are the two wings on which the human spirit rises, argues Richard Bastien.

Great Books, Great Questions, Great God

By Ryan Topping

Dr. Ryan Topping makes teaching, preaching, literature, and divinity indivisible.

Asking the God Question

By Douglas Farrow

Abandoning Canada's religious heritage, says Douglas Farrow, is the greatest threat to the country's existence.

Art that Reaches Up

By Diane Weber Bederman

Michelangelo's David helps Diane Weber Bederman discern why the creative act requires a Creator.

Healing Wounds, Sharing Treasures

By Deborah Gyapong

Deborah Gyapong's journey brings her home to Rome while remaining an Anglican.

From Sea to Sea

By Raymond J. de Souza

The weakness of Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG is its lack of love, says Father Raymond de Souza; revisiting Yad Vashem.

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In the Current Issue

In this issue of Convivium, Father Raymond J. de Souza unmasks Lance Armstrong and the cult of smiley-face nihilism. Douglas Farrow details why Canadians must ask the God question for the nation's sake. Deborah Gyapong finds healing treasure in spiritual wounding. Cardus research director Ray Pennings discusses the public interest in private education. And John Zucchi tells parents why children need Mystery more than instruction.

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