Volume 2, No. 10

October 2013

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Comment Magazine - Volume 2, No. 10


On the Table

By Travis D. Smith and Julia Nethersole

Travis Smith talks Kid'n Slave with his son; Julia Nethersole on growing up like Charlie Brown.

Small Talk

By Raymond J. de Souza

Paradise in place of parking lots; Stephen Hawking's academic boycott of Israel, and Russell Brand's Messiah Complex ... read more

The Conversation

By Anne Leahy

Canada's former ambassador to the Vatican, Anne Leahy, on Benedict's abrupt goodbye and looming threats to religions freedom

An Exercise in Faith

By Julián Carrón

Where, Father Julián Carrón asks, is our first love?

Till Death do us Consume

By Kurt Armstrong

The narcotic effects of a market society are to blame for North Americans preparing funeral rights for marriage, argues Winnipeg writer Kurt Armstrong

Free Willy Nilly

By Nicholas Newman

Dr. Nicholas Newman says intellectuals who insist on scientific rationalism while defending equality, democracy and the rule of law should give their heads a shake

Habits of Community

By Heidi MacDonald

Historian Heidi MacDonald sees a loss of community behind the disappearance of religious congregations ... read more

My Brother's Keeper

By Diane Weber Bederman

The death of a brother she never knew brings Diane Weber Bederman that much closer to God

Lion of Faith

By Barbara Kay

Barbara Kay reviews Andrew Bieszad's new book on the relationship between Islam and Christianity

Sea to Sea

By Raymond J. de Souza

Linking Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama leaves our editor-in-chief uneasy. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage has him seeing dictatorship coming through the door ... read more

In the Current Issue

Christianity is not an ethical list but the answer to our need. Our need is both the recognition that we are all wounded and the binding up of our wounds through the conversation of faith that brings us the peace that passes all understanding.

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