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Cardus Education Survey: Phase I Facilitator's Guide (Teachers and Administrators)

The curriculum package for teachers & administrators of Christian schools will equip school staff to compare your school's vision to your outcomes. Study the Christian education benchmarks, and consider next steps as you seek to integrate faith, worldview, and academic excellence in your students' educational experience. Available free of charge in...

The Strategy of Salt

This lecture highlights the principle that there’s no better way – or perhaps no other way at all – for Christians to change culture, than to do it together.

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John Seel

Dr. John Seel is a senior fellow at Cardus and director of cultural engagement at the John Templeton Foundation. He, and his wife Kathryn, are Anglo-Catholics living in Philadelphia. Seel is a cultural renewal entrepreneur-putting legs on visions that foster human flourishing and the common good. John's career combines business, education, theology,...