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A Canadian Culture of Generosity

“A Canadian Culture of Generosity: Renewing Canada’s Social Architecture by Investing in the Civic Core and the ‘Third Sector’” is a Cardus discussion paper looking at a strategic response to flagging volunteerism, philanthropy and civic participation.

Cindy Brandt

Cindy Brandt is a third-culture kid, a former missionary, and social-justice Christian. She blogs from Taiwan about faith and culture. She drives a Prius, is more interested in being evangelized than evangelizing, is "super social justice-y," and a feminist. She sees faith in the irreverent, miracles in the ordinary, and beauty in the margins. Her work...

It's the Culture, Stupid: The Challenge of Cultural Renewal

John Seel suggests that the ways Christians have gone about trying to change this culture haven’t been all that effective—and are becoming increasingly futile. Instead, John proposes a better way of asserting Christian influence—strong networks, intellectual power, and access to the institutions that shape culture.

The Shifting Demand for Social Services

Every day Canadians rely on an extensive infrastructure provided by the charitable and not-for-profit sector to deliver the sorts of everyday social services often taken for granted. In October 2009, a study by Cardus entitled A Canadian Culture of Generosity pondered the implications of Canada's impending "social deficit": how our institutions are...