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October 16, 2008

By Michael Van Pelt and Ray Pennings

The Work Research Foundation has become CARDUS: a new unique name for the same unique organization! Our wide-angle periodicals, policies and punditry come together for a renewed vision of public life, up and down the Cardus—the Main Street.


The Cardus was an ancient north-south road that connected the people of Roman cities to their major publica spaces. Our culture generates a huge amount of data, but it is segmented, disconnected and isolated. Our think tanks have concentrated on politics, but forgotten the importance of culture. Our institutions, like our people, function in a new kind of social and intellectual isolation. Policy is made without a place for religion, religion is practiced with little thought to the common good, and work is done without connecting the "why" to the "how".

Enter Cardus: we believe this is the moment for a think tank to bridge politics and culture, to rethink, research and rebuild an integrated vision of North American social architecture. Cardus’ thought, research and policy weaves through the integrity of the biblical story—which is not a private, but a public story, a public truth changing everything it touches.

You’re invited to learn about Cardus’ roots in this audio journal, and to join us for one of our relaunch events across Canada and the U.S.

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