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Comment Suppers

A magazine at its heart is an aspirational community. But so often we read something, put it down, and move on. What if we could linger a little longer in the company of others whose distinct lens on the mosaic could enrich our own? Why not try to sew the threads of this issue into the warp and woof of your local neighborhood?

Enter Comment Suppers. We’d like to make it easy for you to gather 6-10 people around a home-cooked meal and one-table conversation.

Several discussion prompts are suggested below, with a recipe and musical playlist along the side. When the evening’s over, use this bookmark in whatever book you’re reading and let the memory of the discussion enrich the words. To deeper connection, reflection, beauty and revelation. And bon appetit!

Winter 2020: The Tribes That Bind

Discussion Questions

  1. What idea would you die for?
  2. If someone were to ask you, “Who are your people?”, what would you say?
  3. Many today invoke a feeling of loss. What’s the shape of this loss in your own life, and in the society in which you live?
  4. For whom does “tribe” have positive connotations? For whom is it negative?
  5. Define the line that separates tribe from community, and reflect on what is sacred about both.
  6. How might we celebrate our tribes without being exclusionary?

How Did It Go?

So you’ve hosted or attended a Comment Supper. Let us know how it went!