November 6th, 2009

Oil on Canvas
72" x 46"

That guy's face looks familiar. How come he didn't finish the edges? Yellow. Parts look undone. Is that a Doctor? "Physician, heal thyself." What does it say in the little white splash? hope. It all seems dark. Is that a demon? No, it's whatever you want it to be. I can't see in the dark. There is something behind the black. Yellow. I'm not afraid of the dark, just what is in it. In the midst of pain, suffering, sorrow. Sentence not finished. One should give up, right? I'm afraid that I'm afraid. The devil hates you. "God is Love." I love you. We are not alone. Through it all, there is always hope. Hope.

Topics: Arts

Before hearing "the call" I did what any artist does. Of course, that is a loaded statement. I received a Bachelors in Fine Arts at Wayne State University with a double concentration in painting and sculpture. After working for a number of years in a gallery, and being denied to the graduate schools in which I applied, I retreated into the silence of my apartment turned studio to focus on new work. In the paint and solitude I heard God and found myself.


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