New Beginnings

June 4th, 2010

I shot this with a wide open aperture to get the selective focus and the "impressionistic painting" effect, as some have called it. The term for the blurred background in such a photo is bokeh, from the Japanese word for blur or haze. It is a photo of a tree fern, taken near Lake Tarawera in New Zealand. I was spending a week in a cottage there alone with God and had a very significant time which jump-started my relationship with him. I titled the photo "New Beginnings" partly because of that, but also because the spiral shape of the tree fern—"koru" in the NZ native Maori language—symbolizes rebirth or new beginnings in Maori spirituality. This is my all-time favorite photo thus far. It is a limited edition print with only three more signed, framed (16"x20") copies available.

Topics: Arts Religion

Rosie Perera is a writer, teacher/tutor, photographer, lay preacher, and all-round computer geek. After graduating from college, she worked as a software engineer for Microsoft for eleven years, where she was part of the team that created Word. She then pursued a Master of Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver. During this time she also developed her skills and lifelong love of photography, through courses at Focal Point photography school. Now she combines all of these into a unique multi-threaded vocation. Her passion and research interests involve the interrelationships between faith, technology and the arts.


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