2 By Two

July 17 th 2009

Acrylic Painting on PVC Panels
24"h x 47"w

During a recent conference my husband and I were given the opportunity to paint together. We began with two equally sized PVC Panels 24"h x 23.50"w. My husband's panel was white, mine black. After laying down some loose iridescent acrylic base colors we changed places and worked as if dancing back and forth on both paintings, at times the two of us simultaneously touching one panel. The resulting imagery is loaded with minute detail and has a joyful abundance of color, light and movement. It is profoundly abstract.

Topics: Arts

Susan Card has been making "Art to Wear" Jewelry for over 20 years. She sells professionally at Art and Craft Exhibitions and her work is in various national galleries as well as collections worldwide. She has a Masters in Printmaking and after a 10 year hiatus has returned to painting. She and her husband are on the prophetic ministry team at their local fellowship and are continuing to work on collaborative projects in their studio located in Fort Mill, SC.