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About the piece

Acrylic over digital print
5.75" x 9"

The small nuances in color and shape in Mosaic are emblematic of the minutely noticeable and yet powerfully intimate moments of beauty in our lives. I began first with a manipulated digital printout, then laid in watery acrylic paint with plastic on top to achieve an allover texture effect. This technique is itself a symbolic act representative of what my art is trying to share. We are influenced by so many things, both physical and spiritual; similarly, this technique influences the painting in uncontrollable ways that won't be fully displayed until the plastic is removed. Once removed, layers of color are revealed, and I wonder what it would be like to remove to "plastic" from our eyes. What mystery, beauty, evil, and good would we find?

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Arlissa Vaughn Arlissa Vaughn
Arlissa Vaughn is a professional artist working in acrylic paint and the emerging genre of new media. ... read more »

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