Finding our way to great work: Called to work—and live—in the city

A symposium of encouragement. You may feel like the tiniest cog in a big wheel, but your work really matters.

Appears in Winter 2007 Issue: Finding our way to great work
December 1st, 2007

Some time ago, a friend in "a world city" told me that some of the people in their church who have the hardest time, vocationally speaking, are "28-year-old"s working in big corporations. They are no longer novices. They are set on a career, but they don't really have any significant institutional power yet. They are caught in middle positions where they work very hard, but they must conform very closely to institutional expectations if they want to keep their jobs and build their careers. They have limited opportunities to offer leadership or take initiative . . . and their dreams of changing the world—of making a difference—are turning a little stale.

That conversation inspired us to pull together a symposium of encouragement and advice for "28-year-old"s who believe that they are called to live in the city—and who are doing so, but who are discouraged and confused by the challenges they and their cohort are experiencing—in corporate life, city administration or politics, education, film and other media, the arts, or whatever their areas of work.

Today, Comment concludes its series Finding our way to great work with a broad array of advice for our young adult readers, trying to live and work in the city.

—Gideon Strauss

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Being salt and light in big organizations and big cities comes with all the challenges of climbing a mid-size mountain. You need a good community of close friends with you to help you make the climb. Who are the trusted ones you want by your side who can challenge you, work through the hard questions with you, and help you live your convictions even when it hurts?

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