Across The Street From Where I Lived

November 19 th 2010


I made this picture across the street from my building in Chinatown, New York City, shortly after it burned down in a fatal fire last year. This particular scene resonated deeply with me during this time of rebuilding. Today, I continue to develop a personal body of work driven by a need to tell my own story and the stories of Chinese immigrants in this neighbourhood that revolve around themes of displacement, family, and sacrifice.

Topics: Arts

Born in Taipei, Annie Ling is a Canadian artist and documentary photographer, currently based out of New York City. Drawing from a life of constant flux, her work often explores the relationship between permanence and the ephemeral and addresses subject matters of a socio-environmental nature. An explorer at heart, her passion for picture making grows with every discovery of a people, place, or situation in need of a voice or in need of celebration.