Apathy//Epiphany (3/5)

April 1 st 2011

Pen and Ink

This pen and ink drawing is the third in a series of five wrestling with the idea of epiphany.

Like a pig in mud, a half naked boor slothfully swigs at a can of cheap beer as he is slowly covered. How does he react? How do we react to the gifts of grace given to us? Order and completion is brought by using that which surrounds the man, things that are familiar to his setting. It is precisely in this context where God works, bringing the unworthy into a state of worthiness, making the unclean clean and giving the troubled, wearied and burdened rest.

Topics: Arts

Scott Aasman is a fourth year student at Redeemer University College studying Theology and Art. His work is largely concerned with combining his two fields of study together; this often requires playing with age old metaphor and reapplying it today in a new and vastly different context. When he is not hunched over one of his sketchbooks he enjoys a good dark stout (although, the two are often paired), Spaghetti Westerns and cooking breakfasts.