Apple Blossoms

August 28 th 2009

Acrylic on Wood
24" x 24"

This painting is part of the series "The Garden." The image is based on my own photograph, taken on my parent's farm in Iowa right before they sold it and the mid-west flooded. The view of the apple blossoms is cropped on purpose, showing a segment of the tree. The background is abstract, with gold areas underneath sanded layers of pale yellows and sunset oranges. It is an illusion to The Garden of Eden to me; an icon of what we lose, and what remains, when we venture into the world.

Topics: Arts

Dawn Wheat grew up near the edge of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on fifteen acres that was an artist studio, a tree nursery, and also a hobby farm. Her mother was a wildlife painter, so she started painting at a young age. From 1994-1998, she studied painting at the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, IA. From early 2000 until the end of 2007, she lived in Chicago and worked as a freelance graphic designer. Due to the mid-west flooding, she relocated to New Mexico in 2008 and currently resides in Albuquerque.