Blessing Doves

March 6 th 2009

Blessing Doves is a public intervention art piece supported by an interactive website

A Blessing Dove is a precious work of art, and an unexpected gift to the one who finds it. Small palm sized porcelain doves have been randomly placed around the United States to be discovered, taken, and cherished. Each dove is hand made and veiled in prayer during its preparation. They are then packed into a backpack and brought to a new location. One by one each dove is carefully placed in various interesting settings, photographed, and left for a sojourner to find. It is a symbol of hope and peace, and a reminder that God loves you, especially when you need a sign.

Topics: Arts

Sandra Ceas produces art in service to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with great pleasure and satisfaction. She rarely makes art for sale, but art for experience and memories. Blessing Doves is a special art project with a life of its own. Other works of art that Sandra creates are installation pieces with provocative expressions of biblical truths such as, redemption, forgiveness, sanctification, and transformation through devotion and sacrifice. Sandra's work is abstract and conceptual. She works in her home/studio in Littleton, Colorado. Sandra also teaches at Colorado Christian University and Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. She has an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Visit her website at