Blind but Now I See

February 18 th 2011

Pen, Ink, and Watercolour on Illustration Board

The process of healing is something I've always considered to be incredibly multi-faceted—something that can occur in countless ways, through countless circumstances, and within each and every fraction of the heart and soul. This illustration references the story from the gospel of John where Jesus heals the blind man by applying mud to his eyes—the man experiences healing through the power of God in something as unexpected as a mixture of dirt and saliva. I have found that the revelation of healing, that joyful transition from blindness to sight, is sometimes as unexpected as the medium through which it is delivered.

Topics: Arts

Julia Soderholm is a second year student at Redeemer University College where she studies Art and English. She plans on pursuing further education and eventually a career in Fine Art, focusing primarily on painting and drawing, which she is particularly passionate about. Julia is from Rockwood, Ontario, where she lives with her family.