Choral Composition I

March 20 th 2008

Choral Composition I was influenced by the work of the great abstract expressionist Wassily Kandinsky and his most intriguing and complex piece Composition VII. Kandinsky believes that artists are prophets of the modern age and that creating art is an "internal necessity" of being human (Concerning the Spiritual in Art). He was the first abstract theorist and artist of the 20th century to truly explore the meaning of color and its relationship to our psychology and spiritual life. Music translated into colors on a canvas—Composition VII was concerned with evoking a spiritual resonance in the artist and viewer.

Choral Composition I is unlike any artwork Annie has ever done. This anomaly is a departure from her usual creations, which are mostly done in the manner of realism. Rather than relying on her visual observations to create a painting, she was challenged to paint what she heard and felt—notes, tones, movements, transitions, and moods within the music.

The musical inspiration behind this piece was selected choral pieces that celebrate the life of Christ. Having sung these same anthems in choir before, the experience of painting this piece was also profoundly personal. The contours and colors resonate the story of His Passion and resurrection.

What is more significant about this finger-painted creation, states the artist, was that it provided her an opportunity to simply play with her hands and paint. Such play can bring us to trust and rest in the experience of wonder, joy, and delight. As Calvin Seerveld (a mentor) wisely observes, making art is really about the praise of God through serious play. By this conviction, Annie continues to explore art-making as a means of entering into fellowship with her community and entering into communion with her Creator.

Topics: Arts

Born in Taipei, Annie Ling is a Canadian artist and documentary photographer, currently based out of New York City. Drawing from a life of constant flux, her work often explores the relationship between permanence and the ephemeral and addresses subject matters of a socio-environmental nature. An explorer at heart, her passion for picture making grows with every discovery of a people, place, or situation in need of a voice or in need of celebration.