Door to Hope

June 27 th 2008

In February 2008 I went to New Orleans for a getaway with a friend—I wasn't expecting to come home changed.

This city is such a contrast of beauty and ruins. Years after Hurricane Katrina, there is still so much yet to be done. I had the honour of touring the destruction of Katrina with a Salvation Army staff member who has been there through it all. To hear the stories and see the despair first hand was moving.

I came home and decided to do something. I started "Project Hope," and we are selling images from my New Orleans trip—including this door collage—to raise funds for the Salvation Army's ongoing efforts in New Orleans. It also serves as a visible reminder to the recipient to be praying for the Katrina victims.

Topics: Arts Cities

Krista Jefferson is an award winning photographer with a passion for life. She loves to capture the everyday moments that pass us by in a blink of eye—making them last a lifetime.