Enmeshed II

February 15 th 2008

As a study in line, this black and white triptych was painted with two other triptychs in a show titled, "Align yourself" (2005). Focusing on the use of lines, this triptych blends what began as a realistic photograph of a young girl and a straight-laced grid. The photo was changed to monochrome, simplified and "enmeshed" with a grid.

These pieces are to represent the lyrical lines that form the human body as God created them (including our thoughts and our voices). The grid represents organized society. Think of parking lots, city grids, "grid lock", parking lots, spreadsheets, etc. So what happens when a beautiful and lyrical human body becomes enmeshed with the grids of society. Do we lose our lyrical forms, thoughts, minds, voices...?

Topics: Arts

Laura Meijer graduated in 2005 from Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario, towing a B.A. in English and Studio Art. Currently she is working as a Human Resources Assistant for a community health care provider, and is taking night courses at the Dundas Valley School of Art (ranging from pottery, to life drawing, and figure painting).