September 24 th 2010

I have returned to drawing simple forms of architecture in nature as I prepare for an exhibition this next March. The first subject tackled turned out to be floral, my neighbour's amazing white peonies, which I am rendering in chalk pastel in a granular, paper-white style.

It has been a source of great comfort to dwell on these elegant objects after a few very trying years.


I am returning to the simple comforts of the pure feather-light filaments of white grace trembling in the wind of the Spirit moving up our street, moving door to door.

Past tired paving stone, weeds entrenched in my boulevard and the stoned ghost echoes of my son's skateboard rattling back to haunt me rolling up our street, rolling door to door.

You are the only consolation I know,
the only consolation I know.

Topics: Arts Religion
James Tughan

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