Graven Images

October 31 st 2008

"Graven Images" is the first in a series of ten paintings depicting The Ten Commandments. It was inspired by a competition sponsored by a Jewish organization in New York. The theme of the competition was "Depict the second Commandment, 'Thou shalt not make a graven image.'" Intrigued by the notion of using an image to say, "Don't make a graven image!", I imagined the hands of the artist as an offering unto the Lord; empty hands, free of tools and materials. This led to the question, "How would I depict the other nine commandments using only feet and hands?" It is a question I am still working on.

Topics: Arts

Michael Carter grew up in the family gravestone business and became fascinated at an early age with letterforms. When a friend introduced him (and later taught him) to Hebrew, the fascination increased. His M.F.A. thesis involved the design of a modern Hebrew font. For the past twenty years he has incorporated letterforms into his painting, while also teaching art to age levels ranging from Kindergarten to University.