Home For Christmas: Zanesville, 1972
Home For Christmas: Zanesville, 1972

Home For Christmas: Zanesville, 1972

December 1 st 2008
Appears in Winter 2008

The old toll booth keeper
still at her post, though
she cannot break a twenty
regrettably, her brains blown out,
or provide the forgotten
directions. I did try to phone,
but nobody answers.
Walked around awhile, and
I hate to say it but no one’s
survived. The dusty toothbrush
waits, my teenage
image in the dusty mirror;
and now I am afraid
I am going to be forced to disrupt
the fine layer of dust that’s been
falling all these years
on my blanket and hair—
to put my dusty clothes on,
slowly move downstairs, and
with the elderly parents
of strictly speaking
not being there, to eat
my dusty breakfast.

Franz Wright
Franz Wright

Franz Wright's most recent works include Walking to Martha's Vineyard—which won the Pulitzer Prize for poetryGod's Silence, and Earlier Poems. He has been the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts grants, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Whiting Fellowship, and the PEN/Voelcker Prize, among other honours.


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