Jesus, Maria y José

March 25 th 2011

Jesus, Maria y José, 2005 (84" x 72" x 24") is a mixed media assemblage composed of two paintings (oil on canvas) a chair, medical tubing, an infant feeding bag, an IV pole, and a rosary. With this piece, I wish to draw the viewer into that conceptual space between perceived image and actual object, between what is believed to be there and what is in actuality there. This is the space of vulnerability and openness. The work itself is about and inspired by vulnerability; the fragility of the technology dependent infant relying on nourishment from above, the concentrated concern of the ostensibly impoverished parents of colour, the precarious maternal sacrifice of support in favour of her child, itself an act of faith.

Topics: Arts

Gary Wolfe earned undergraduate degrees in Christian Ministries from Houghton College and in Psychology as well as a Master's Degree in Painting and Art History from the University of Buffalo. Gary's varied life experiences and career have influenced his art. The elderly, children with disabilities, the disenfranchised and the poor, and even more abstractly, the problem of pain, suffering and alienation have consistently informed his work. Perhaps most significantly, Gary's Christian faith has been, as he puts it, "a formative influence and formidable adversary in the spiritual inflection and tonality of my art."