April 16 th 2010

This painting is acrylic and enamel on panel. The white lines are slightly raised, and the black on the top right has an enamel-like sheen. The floating black shapes near the top left hover in a satin-sheen.

I have limited my color palette in order to better explore the surface nuance. Every subtle sheen difference shifts the light relationships. Also, black, white and grey relates to memory.

These paintings are about the remembrance of a space—parts of the memory are blocked or forgotten, parts are bright and almost bleached, details fuzzy. This series is meant to be slow; they are meditations on how we remember.

Topics: Arts

Michelle Mackey grew up in Texas and still has a connection to the vast horizontal space of the southwest. During college, she spent some time painting and studying in Taos, N.M., Cortona, Italy, and South Carolina. In 1999, she received her M.F.A. from Pratt, in Brooklyn, and she has been living here in Brooklyn ever since. Last year, she had a solo show in Berlin at Galerie Kollaborativ, and she has had several solo shows in NYC with Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art.