Light at the end of the tunnel

October 1 st 2010

This picture was taken at Tunnel Park during the summer. See, Tunnel Park has this huge sand dune, one half is on the beach of Lake Michigan, the other side has playgrounds, barbecue pits, and volleyball courts. I took this picture one summer with my friends. I had no idea there was someone standing on the other end of it until I looked at the picture later on. Though I feel that having the man on the end adds something to the picture. This picture shows that even in complete darkness (sin) there is Jesus/God (the man) waiting on the other end in the light. You will get there!

Topics: Arts

Jordan Groenendyk is a sophomore at her local Christian high school.

"I have only one younger brother and many pets. I enjoy photography, baking, sewing, and showing horses. I have two horses—one is named Max, and he is 28" tall! The other one is named Rudy and, well, he is a lot bigger! I show Max in jumping, trail/obstacle, driving, showmanship, and an event based on his coat. With Rudy I show English, Western, and speed events! I love to ride and be with my horses all day! My photography's won several awards in West Michigan.