Mystery, Creation

October 17 th 2008

In my paintings, I seek to explore the beauty and mystery of the landscape. In "Mystery, Creation" my intent is to express the divine beauty of creation through the use of light and color, evoking a sense of mystery to what is beneath the surface of the land.

The richness of colors is achieved by a slow and complex process. I glaze oil pigment and medium and build up thin translucent layers of paint. These dozens of layers create a rich depth composed of saturated colors, light and surface changes that reveal the history of the painting. Painting for me is a reflection of worship, that leads me into the mysterious yet contemplative place of communion with our Creator.

Topics: Arts

Ping Lo was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Growing up, Ping was raised cross-cultural and bilingual when she and her twin sister attended Chinese school after moving to the Bay Area. From an early age she studied Chinese language and traditional dance. One day after her studies, she took a painting course out of pure curiosity and fell in love with it. Ping went on to study Fine Arts at the California College of the Arts (then CCAC) where she received her B.F.A. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries and churches in the Bay Area and in New York City. In the last 7 years, Ping has shared her passion for the arts to disadvantaged elementary school children and at hospital art programs to children living with cancer. Ping currently lives and works in New York City.