Nails, Sand and Memory

June 19 th 2009

As an artist and graphic artist, I have long lived with an increasing sense of unease. The daily requirements of work and thought devoted to the sale of products in the advertising industry had over time sharpened my sensitivity to a kind of cultural intoxication. The corrosive work of slogans and branding that underlies the market economy steadily undermines any ability to grasp the gospel message. The meaning of words are forgotten. Take the word 'sacrifice.' Burger King had a web campaign where online visitors were encouraged to sacrifice Facebook friends in exchange for hamburger coupons. 233,906 friends were sacrificed.

The painting 'Nails, Sand and Memory' is a reminder of a timeless sacrifice that seared a place in history and within a people. We are branded by love.

Topics: Religion

Peter Reitsma ( is a graphic designer and a member of Meadowvale Community Christian Reformed Church, Mississauga, Ontario.