Non-Wage Benefits Increase

January 1 st 1986

Labour Canada reports that since 1978, an increasing number of unionized workers in Canada have been adding several non-wage benefit clauses to their collective agreements. These provisions show a trend toward a shorter work week, longer paid vacation, pay over and above U.I.C. benefits for maternity leave, and a requirement that management consult with the union before introducing new technical methods. (Labour Canada, November 12, 1985)


Harry Antonides came to Canada in 1948, initially working as a farm hand and railway labourer. After over a decade working in a chemical plant in Sarnia, Ontario, Harry joined the newly forming Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) in 1962 as a field representative. By 1970 Harry became director of research and education. In 1974, he was a founding member of the Work Research Foundation (now Cardus) and publisher of their sole publication, Comment magazine. A prolific writer and dynamic speaker, Harry delivered lectures all over North America and published numerous articles, reviews, and essays. He is author of several books on Christianity, labour, and economics, including Multinationals and the Peacable Kingdom (1978) and Stones for Bread: The Social Gospel and its Contemporary Legacy (1985). Harry is retired and lives with his wife Janet in Willowdale, Ontario.