Nostalgia (purple rain)

November 28 th 2008

I am forever interested in how line, texture, colour and even pattern can be inherently symbolic. Currently, I am attempting to visually illustrate emotions by linking these perceptions of colour, line, texture and pattern to different states of being. Nostalgia (purple rain) is one of ten new paintings from my current collection "my synaesthesia". The Breakfast Club, home made bread, Christmas, the smell of fresh cut hay, rain, snow storms, Prince, Doc Martins, eating ice cream at the beach—all these things flood me with memories. Nostalgia is a little grief, a little rain, a little unrequited love and a little happiness all rolled up together.

Topics: Arts

Karyn Black is a Hamilton, Ontario-based artist. She attended McMaster University where she graduated with an Honours degree in Fine Art in 1998. Since then, Karyn has had the opportunity to work with many interior designers, creating custom canvases to suit the needs of their clients. For the past year, Karyn has been working from her home studio compiling her most recent body of work entitled "my synaesthesia". Karyn lives with her husband, Ken and their cat Cincinnati and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of two adopted children from Ethiopia.