Open at Risk

May 8 th 2009

Mixed media construction

Belted pouches, coverless books, and clam shells wrapped in string tantalizingly beckon us to open them and see what's inside. They are mysteries waiting to be revealed. My assemblage, Open at Risk, juxtaposes these visual metaphors with images of small children, alluding to the adults they will become and the hope we have for them—delightful possibilities amid the dark fears.

The art work also speaks about the passions within each of us that are rarely allowed to see the light of day. Their magic slips away while we wait for the certainty of no risk. I've incorporated images of monsters drawn by a four-year old—amulets for protection from the unknown—that compel us to bravely open the box.

Topics: Arts

Marianne Lettieri creates narrative constructions in quiet protest of a culture that rushes and clashes so much, the enchantment of everyday life is often missed. She transforms the detritus and castoffs of modern society into meaningful imagery as a kind of hope for reconciliation with creation and the Creator.