Read a Book by its Cover
Read a Book by its Cover

Read a Book by its Cover

September 10 th 2010
Read a Book by its Cover

Hand marbled paper and book cloth on board, bound with thread and glue
8 1/2" x 7"

Books and paper are a special tactile gift that is being left on the shelves in our era of electronic communication and databases. If you ask anyone who knows me even a little, they can tell you that I have a not-so-secret obsession for paper and bookmaking. With these books, as well as many others I have made, the journey began with the paper stealing my attention.

This past summer in Florence while I was devouring the visual feast of Il Papiro, a wonderful little paper shop near the Duomo, the shop owner graciously invited me to become a part of his art. With the guided movements of my hand becoming the director for these beautiful peacock-like motifs I could not help but notice and marvel at the care, precision and detail our Creator lovingly placed all around us.

Every book has a story to tell and sometimes it cannot be read on the pages inside. Everyone knows the expression, "don't judge a book by its cover", but I say, you should never overlook the story a cover has to tell.

Topics: Arts
Chelsea Schinkel
Chelsea Schinkel

Chelsea Schinkel is a recent graduate of Redeemer University College. While completing her undergrad at Redeemer, she continued with the Concurrent Education Program in the Junior/Intermediate divisions. After finishing her Senior Qualifications in Art at the University of Western Ontario, Chelsea now teaches Grade 7/8 at Milton Christian School with two rotary art classes at the primary and junior levels.


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