Refreshing Community

December 3 rd 2010

This untouched digital image was taken from my bedroom window in 2010. My room is located on the third floor, higher up than most of our neighbouring houses and gives me an interesting vantage point on my neighbourhood street. It was a rainy day, so I decided to experiment with different approaches to capture this unique vantage point. I tried out different angles, adjusted the exposure, and tried focusing on different parts of my window. With all of these different ideas combined, I succeeded in getting a result I was happy with. This specific photo shows a positive community, represented by the three houses, and a refreshing view due to the light colours.

Topics: Arts

My name is Charae Friesen. I am a high school student in Hamilton, Ontario. I began taking up the interest of photography at a young age. Being able to express my ideas and outlook on life, through my photos, has helped in developing my interest. Digital cameras have helped me in taking photos due to the fact that you can see the outcome immediately instead of days/weeks later. If you are unhappy with what you see, you can immediately make changes, such as adjusting the exposure or the colour levels. These are options that the digital camera also provides. Programs, such as Photoshop, help to emphasize certain elements or ideas within a photo. I have taken that next step in sprucing up photos, bringing them to the next level.