September 18 th 2009

Stained Glass, Leaded
February 2007

This glass work explores the idea that all things, past and future, ultimately point to the death and resurrection of Christ. Perfect fulfillment and revelation comes through the Cross. The white is representative of the ultimate divinity of God; the black glass is symbolic for humanity's fragile yet flawed nature in sin. The cross in the center represents Christ's role as savior and perfect fulfillment for all ages—past, present, and future. This is symbolized by the blue glass that flows through the cross.

Topics: Arts

My name is Vanessa Hollifield, I am a glass artist in Winston Salem, NC. I specialize in stained glass and glass mosaic. My work spans from commissions for churches and homes, to repairs and restoration, to fine art gallery exhibition. You can find my work in various galleries and churches in North Carolina, Virginia, Philadelphia, and recently at the National Museum of Catholic Art & History in New York, NY.