Rondeau (1st place): "We Learn It All"
Rondeau (1st place): "We Learn It All"

Rondeau (1st place): "We Learn It All"

The winner of Comment's poetry contest; the 2009 form was: rondeau.

September 1 st 2009
Appears in Fall 2009

We learn it all before the spring
Or so we think—the play's the thing,
(Although Freud says it's something not
Like we'd originally thought),
This empire fallen to that king,

Why glass breaks when sopranos sing,
How dinosaurs developed wings,
Spanish for "buying," French for "bought,"
We learn it all.

We think we know what fall will bring—
Another hurried foraging
Of facts within a forest fraught
With limb and shade. But when we ought
To hear our grade, a fierce wind rings.
We learn it all.

Topics: Education
Dyana Herron
Dyana Herron

Dyana Herron is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University's M.F.A. in Creative Writing. Originally from Tennessee, she now lives and works in Seattle, WA.


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