Self Portrait with Dead Sparrow

August 8 th 2008

Easily recognized as a small, brown-gray bird with a short tail and stubby beak, the sparrow is quite humble. Abundant particularly in urban and degraded areas these creatures exist pleasantly, but are not seen as exceptional or attractive birds. Yet, when I found this tiny creature's body in my driveway, I gasped at how beautiful it was.

"There's a special providence in the fall of a sparrow,' wrote Shakespeare, presumably referencing the New Testament where Jesus reassures his followers that not even a sparrow can fall without God's notice, and that their own more significant suffering is certainly seen and potentially forestalled or redeemed by God. With this in mind, road kill became a self-portrait.

Topics: Arts

After receiving a BFA in Photographic Arts from Texas Tech University, Jennifer Buell continues to cultivate her experimental photographic techniques while based in Brooklyn, NY. She creates both haunting and romantic compositions that allude to ephemeral beauty, spirituality, humility, and a sense of humanity that may surprisingly lurk within technology. In addition to her photographic work she is currently studying classical painting, dance, and performance art. She has spent the past three years working with a faith-based ministry for university students in New York City who study various creative media.