Serenity now.

May 30 th 2008

I was supposed to draw an illustration as part of a gift of prints for a friend's new office. I had the following guidelines: black & white, and an animal. This ended up as my submission.

This drawing makes me smile. It came from a 'happy accident' where spilt ink looked like something. So I added some lines & painted (thickly slathered) some white here and there & it all came together into this blissful smoking ape.

It's also unusual for 'happy accidents' to turn out this well. I usually have a lot of recycling to do at the end of the month. I won't recycle this.

Topics: Arts

Born in France, but a Canadian resident from a tender age and citizen at 17, Pierre Bourreau uses his French background as an excuse for pretty much everything, usually referring to the 35-hour work-week and 5-weeks holidays as a sign of French superiority over the rest of the globe. He has been doodling for as long as he can remember, and uses drawing and painting the same way most people use therapy and relaxation exercises.