September 26 th 2008

This chair is part of a series of chairs that I restored for my senior exhibition art show while studying at Redeemer University College. I found this chair outside someone's home, abandoned for garbage day. As I took it home and began stripping it, I discovered that restoring old furniture is richly redemptive and gives an illustration about beauty in brokenness. Like an old chair, God saves us from being garbage and restores us. The painting on the front of this chair is titled "Share"—a virtue I believe will transform community.

Topics: Arts

Sarah Dawn Bokma is currently working as a commission artist in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. As she wrestles to understand more about the power and importance of art, here is a short list of some things she has grown to feel very strongly about in regards to her pursuit of art: art must be truly redemptive—it seeks out beauty in what may seem ugly; art must not be intimidating and stay only within the walls of a gallery—it extends to the every day life, in every crack and crevice of our places; art enables, inspires and creates movement towards social justice; art is prophetic in that it exposes and heals; art must be more affordable—it should extend beyond galleries, wealthy homes and become more available to the poor.