Sonnet (2nd place): "Little Reunion"
Sonnet (2nd place): "Little Reunion"

Sonnet (2nd place): "Little Reunion"

September 1 st 2010
Appears in Fall 2010

The Northwoods, Wisconsin

I’m sitting here tonight with these alums
and one wise colleague, and allegedly
we'll solve big problems in this little room.
Or else we'll be confused together, maybe,
and that's ok— difficult blossoming
needs honesty, mainly. And don't forget,
that's how it felt then, too, however many
years ago, days when you weren't soaring yet,
or when the self-made wings had failed. He says:
"On senior night, I try to see again
the kids I first encountered. In every way
nothing beside remains." Radically grown.
Since changing doesn't change, there are always
these nights and stories, lived as if our own.

Brett Foster
Brett Foster

Brett Foster is the author of a book of poetry, The Garbage Eater (Triquarterly Books/Northwestern University Press, 2011), and his writing has recently appeared in Books & Culture, IMAGE, Kenyon Review, Pleiades, and Raritan, and on the Poetry Daily website. He teaches Renaissance literature and creative writing at Wheaton College in Illinois.


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