Sonnet (3rd place): "SCSI Man Dies"
Sonnet (3rd place): "SCSI Man Dies"

Sonnet (3rd place): "SCSI Man Dies"

September 1 st 2010
Appears in Fall 2010

"Who cares?" I said, if you're an antique hand
That stroked the keys of some mechanical
Machine, whose lettered fingers often jammed
In haste; a weakness anatomical.
The wrinkled paper, correction fluid,
The bell at line's end; clickity-clack keys,
Whiz bang—the carriage return—not quiet
Or quite the height of technological ease!
And so, our future: I think therefore I
Am logically Zero or One, am On
Or Off; E-synapse might: X, Z or Y.
Nothing besides Facebook armegeddon—
My mind melded, a wreck, Google-dy-Tweet—
Let me start over: control-alt-delete . . .

Frank van Veen
Frank van Veen

Born in the Netherlands and borne across the water, I have lived most of my life in region of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have always been image-oriented—painting, carpentry, and teaching. I feel called to all three, and am concentrating more on visual arts these days. One of my favourite Word passages is Ephesians 2:10, where we are called "God's workmanship." My pastor pointed out that the original tongue refers to us as "God's poetry." Wow! We are poetry created in Christ to do good . . .


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