January 14 th 2011

Mixed media

"Surveillance" is number 6 in a series of artworks dealing with television. It is mainly acrylic paint on canvas and includes a substantial amount of collage—images taken from a multitude of sources. The picture derives from the idea of the Closed Circuit TV monitoring our lives. We are always being watched. The perspective implies a thorough time/space inclusiveness. And who are those three guys?

Topics: Arts

Born in the Netherlands and borne across the water, I have lived most of my life in region of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have always been image-oriented—painting, carpentry, and teaching. I feel called to all three, and am concentrating more on visual arts these days. One of my favourite Word passages is Ephesians 2:10, where we are called "God's workmanship." My pastor pointed out that the original tongue refers to us as "God's poetry." Wow! We are poetry created in Christ to do good . . .