Thank You For Smoking

April 18 th 2008

In this informal portrait, Pierre Bourreau—the designer responsible for the layout of the print edition of Comment magazine—strikes a satirical pose in a quasi-self-deprecating caricature of himself. It's not easy to be a smoker these days—kicked outside in subzero temperatures, the endless brow beating of scientific research and marginalization in pop culture. "These days when someone smokes in the movies they're either a psychopath or European" (from the movie Thank you for Smoking, 2005).

Pierre is no psychopath. But he is French. Pierre suffers the self-righteous in stride by mischievously claiming, "My mama didn't raise no quitter".

Excerpt from Artist Statement

"Creation is a constant inspiration for me and the human experience a constant challenge. I value life, especially the one I have been given, for which I give thanks every day. I am forever indebted to family, friends, colleagues, clients and everyone else who has impacted my life in a positive way. To pay back what is owed is impossible but I hope that by contributing positively in all I do, I can express the sense of gratitude that fills me."

Topics: Arts

Jason Bouwman is owner and principle creative of Compass Creative Studio. He is also a painter, illustrator, designer, and sometimes photographer.