The Commons: Social Architecture

Promoting a flourishing society.

Appears in Fall 2018 Issue: Living with Integrity
September 18 th 2018

There's a ribbon of road that connects our homes to our neighbours to our banks to our churches to our schools to our work to our hospitals and on and on it goes. Yet the institutions that populate our lives and landscapes are interconnected by much more than the road that brings us between them. The institutions of our social architecture are not single threads we choose between, but a woven fabric in which we're embedded.

So palliative care is entangled with familial relationships, education with religious freedom, and economics with the current state of marriage. If you're interested in institutions and how they integrate - or disintegrate - in our lives, take some time to visit Cardus, the think tank that publishes Comment, and start to connect the dots between health, education, family, work and economics, social cities, religious freedom, and more.